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Semester Progress
Jan May
Week 16
Tue, May 05, lecture 27
Synchronous lecture
feel free to stop by, ask questions, chat, say goodbye
MP4: breast cancer
both lecture time: 2pm and 3:30pm (Central)
Wed, May 06
Last Day of UIUC classes
Week 15
Tue, Apr 28, lecture 25
Synchronous lecture: PCA
lecture time: 3:30pm (Central)
Thu, Apr 30, lecture 26
Quiz 5 during lecture time
HW11: lecture 23-24
Optimization, least-squares and SVD - HW 9,10,11 and MP 4
Week 14
Tue, Apr 21, lecture 23
No synchronous lecture
watch videos about least-squares
Thu, Apr 23, lecture 24
Synchronous lecture: least-squares
watch videos for least-squares prior to lecture
HW10: lecture 21-22
lecture time: 2:00pm (Central)
Week 13
Tue, Apr 14, lecture 21
Quiz 4 during lecture time
watch videos about SVD
Eigenvalues, Markov chains, nonlinear equations - HW 7,8 and MP 3
Thu, Apr 16, lecture 22
Synchronous lecture: SVD
watch videos for SVD prior to lecture
HW9: lectures 19-20
lecture time: 3:30pm (Central)
Week 12
Tue, Apr 07, lecture 19
No synchronous lecture
watch videos for optimization
MP3: basketball rankings
Thu, Apr 09, lecture 20
Synchronous lecture: Optimization
watch videos for optimization prior to lecture
HW8: lectures 17-18
lecture time: 2pm (Central)
Week 11
Tue, Mar 31, lecture 17
No synchronous lecture
watch videos for nonlinear equations
practice quizzes available at 2am, 8am, 2pm, 4pm and 8pm
Thu, Apr 02, lecture 18
Synchronous lecture: Nonlinear equations
watch videos for nonlinear equations prior to lecture
HW7: lectures 14-16
lecture time: 3:30pm (Central)
Week 10
Tue, Mar 24, lecture 15
Synchronous lecture: course updates and getting familiar with online classes
watch eigenvalue video prior to lecture
lecture time: 2pm and 3:30pm (Central)
Thu, Mar 26, lecture 16
Synchronous lecture: Markov chains
no pre-recorded lecture for this topic
lecture time: 2:00pm (Central)
Week 9
Tue, Mar 17
Spring break
Thu, Mar 19
Spring break
Week 8
Tue, Mar 10
MP2: truss design
Quiz 4: Linsys (HW5, HW6 and MP2), Wednesday-Friday
Thu, Mar 12
HW6: lecture 11-13
Week 7
Tue, Mar 03, lecture 13
Sparse matrices and conditioning
Week 6
Tue, Feb 25, lecture 11
Linear system of equations
MP1: Texas Holdem
Thu, Feb 27, lecture 12
Linear system of equations
HW5: lecture 10
Quiz 3: taylor + MC (HW4 and MP1), Friday-Monday
Week 5
Tue, Feb 18, lecture 9
Monte Carlo Methods
Thu, Feb 20, lecture 10
Matrices and Norms
HW4: lectures 7-9
Week 4
Tue, Feb 11, lecture 7
Truncation, Taylor Series
Thu, Feb 13, lecture 8
Randomness and Monte Carlo Methods
HW3: lectures 4-6
Quiz 2: errors and floating point (HW2 and HW3), Friday-Monday
Week 3
Tue, Feb 04, lecture 5
Floating Point
Thu, Feb 06, lecture 6
Rounding and cancellation
HW2: lectures 3-4
Week 2
Tue, Jan 28, lecture 3
Errors and Big-O notation, plots
Thu, Jan 30, lecture 4
Floating Point
HW1: lectures 1,2
Quiz 1: python (HW1), Friday-Monday
Week 1
Tue, Jan 21, lecture 1
Introduction, Motivation, Big Picture of the Class
If you are not familiar with Python, try the optional tutorial from demo page.
Thu, Jan 23, lecture 2
Python Intro
Quiz 0: optional linear algebra quiz, Friday-Monday


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